Saturday, March 10, 2007

Registered project GloPosCom with Sourceforge


I've just registered a project with Sourceforge now called GloPosCom. This blog will be the place I submit information regarding the project.

The project shall provide an API for communicating global positioning coordinates from a portable device/laptop to one or more XMPP-clients. The API reside on the portable device/laptop and communicate with one or several XMPP-clients through a XMPP-gateway. The API in itself is a XMPP-client. The XMPP-clients can send commands that are handled by the API.

So far I've only created an "engine" that is IO-multiplexed (I don't want to deal with the various ways multithreading is done on the various platforms) and a simple API to interact with the engine.

The engine currently connects to GTalk via the iksemel library and reads GPS-coordinates via the nmeap library . A small test-program I've written allows you to send commands from a GTalk client to the engine and the engine replies with the current position.

Since GTalk requires TLS and I could not find GnuTLS for all the platforms I want the API/engine to run on I had to alter iksemel some. It now uses OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS.

Here is the test program (just to illustrate the API):

#include "engine.h"
#include "openssl.h"

int main(int argc, char* argv[])

engine_t* engine;
BIO* logger;

logger = BIO_new_fd(0, BIO_NOCLOSE);

engine = engine_new();
engine_set_logger(engine, ENGINE_XMPP, logger);
engine_set_logger(engine, ENGINE_GPS, logger);

engine_set_xmpp_server(engine, "");
engine_set_xmpp_account(engine, "", "password");

engine_set_gps_device(engine, "/dev/tty.gps");



return 0;


The engine_run function do "polling" and can be extended to include other tasks the application shall perform:

The engine_run function look like this:


So far I've not added much error-handling or any retry mechanisms if the GPS-
Bluetooth link go down or if the network connection is terminated.

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